Monday, August 19, 2013

Passionate Pursuit of God generates Questions!

Whole-hearted following of God is the call to each of us.  Battles surround us and the temptation to engage can sometimes distract us from the pursuit of the Lord.  We are all prone to that error; Josiah fell to it.  He took on a battle that was not his, and it cost his life.  Yet the great things he did, remained!  Lives that pursue God have lasting results.

The scriptures moved on into the words of Jeremiah and Habbakuk.  The prophets are a fantastic glimpse of living 'sold-out' to the Lord.  It was not easy; it is not easy.  It is worth it.

The messages are harsh; the answers to the questions we pose not necessarily the ones we want.  Jeremiah told the people that captivity was impending.  He was not popular; people who live sold-out to God do not care about popularity.  Jeremiah said the people had a choice to make:  submit to the earthly rule of the 'enemy' and turn from the real enemy (their unfaithfulness to God) or be consumed by the battle.  My take away on that?   Things that feel oppressive may be the hand of God seeking to turn us to Himself.  The only way to know the will of God is chase Him with all our hearts.  We have to ask Him questions, and we need to be willing to let His answers pierce our heart.

Habbakuk showed that in today's reading.  As he cried out for his people, God revealed an answer that offended Habbakuk.  The solution would be to bring in a more evil people to restore rightness of hearts.  Habbakuk responded just like we would.  How can that be God? Why would you do that?  My take away on that?  Questions are okay but be sure to pursue them to the end--and the heart of God must be the end we pursue with passion. 

God does not fit in the boxes we create.  He sees from a vantage point we can not.  His wisdom surpasses all we will ever attain.  Faith is the goal for everyone of us.  Jesus said 'come to me'; God said 'call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things.'  Our pursuit is the heart of God.  Press in, trust the piercing because it allows the glorious beauty of God to soak into our beings.


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