Sunday, August 18, 2013

Love on someone today--even if they reject you

Jeremiah asked something I ask at times:  "Why, God?  Don't you see....?"  And God's answer is a peak into the heart of love...and a peak into how little I understand.  A glimpse of the boundaries I try to put on God.  The Father says what (whom) He loves the most has turned away from Him, accuses Him of unrighteous things and gives his heart to others.  The Father says His beloved hurts himself and is hurt by others.  Now, feel that. 

Think of your own loved one(s)...most everyone knows the pain of unfair accusations and rejection.  Many of us have watched a love one self-destruct or be abused by another.  To say it hurts is an understatement.  Yet here is our God who waits on the world because He desires that none perish.  No matter how bad things appear around us, the simple fact that we are still here says there is someone God is waiting for.  Who will you speak to about the love and mercy of God today?  Someone is waiting...and God's heart is breaking.

Last night I listened to a show where some women spoke of their gang involvement.  There were two common threads that spoke deeply to me:

  • inability to feel often related to unloving relationships in their personal realm;
  • desire for a power--to prevent others from hurting them.
The encouragement that we can offer others really matters.  Hebrews says that sin deceives and hardens--SO encourage one another.

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