Monday, July 1, 2013

Go deep...shallowness will never satisfy

Shallow revivals and religion for purposes of tradition or show, are not the goals of God.  They do nothing to move His purposes forward.  Amos, a lowly farmer who chose to walk with God, delivers God's cry of judgment--that is at its heart a call of love from the Creator above.  The pagans were slated for judgment because of their disregard for humanity, but God's people were held to an even higher accountability:  they failed to appreciate the privilege God entrusted. 

God desires our hearts; He wants us to recognize our selfish nature that makes demands (on Him, on others), so He can change our hearts.  He'll do whatever it takes to get us to see the inadequacy and depravity of our selves. 

Those who know Him are to share Him by living from the depths of His that those who do not know Him will see they, too, are under His reign.  Let's drink deeply of His persistent, perseverant love and share it with this dry and thirsty land.

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