Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Are you stuck?

I continued in Amos this morning.  Some days when I read my mind feels like a boggy mud pit...only vague impressions pop into mind.  On those days, I am so thankful for the great minds of the past!  I thresh the works of folks like Wiersbe, Spurgeon and McGee--and praise them to the Father.  And sometimes, like today, I find an intense excitement as I glimpse the Spirit was working in the mire of my mind.  The vague impression bursts forth with the glory and power of God as I seek help and see rich treasures.  So, what did I see?

I saw people captive to complacency...comfortable in their traditions, self-indulgent and without compassion.  I saw myself.  I saw our world.  We love our comfort zones.  God wants to blast us out of them--He came to set captives free.  I loved this statement:  Priests preserve the past with tradition and structure; prophets confront the present to preserve the future! 

God is greater than we have...we must not settle for what we have but press forward to grab hold of what Jesus has already provided.  We must love others with the plumline of the Word clearly in focus.  Refuse to be stuck.  Refuse to let others be stuck.  Grab hold of a hand and walk toward Jesus!

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