Saturday, July 27, 2013

So Fake!

Look and listen was the cry I heard in devotions this morning.  Not only are the idols we serve powerless, they are a dragging weight on us.  The payments they demand bleed us of life.  Yet we, like the Israelites, busy ourselves to blindness.  Isaiah pointed out this truth, begging the nation of Israel to pay attention.  We need it pointed out too!

 God cries out, 'Look at me.  I carry you.  Your idols burden you.' 

God continually upholds us, always a step ahead of us, proclaiming Truth and bringing it about so we will see Him.  Seek to slow down enough to look at Him--before the flames of your idols burn you! 

God says 'My counsel shall stand.'  Our idols, the false things we trust in, are faulty and guaranteed to fall.  They will crash and burn around us and become the fires that refine us.  Idols are often pretty and covered with a veneer that looks appealing; we choose them so we will look good.  But the prettiness is fake and unworthy of God's crowning creation:  humanity.  God desires our beauty to be full and lasting.  So, He allows our choices to become a tool for beautifying us.  What a wonderful thing that false securities are flammable!

Often idols masquerade as 'good.'  Most anything can be an idol.  The Israelites were perverted by their 'wisdom and knowledge.'  Nebo, who in Isaiah 46, is said to be bowed down was the god of words...writing and speaking.  That is convicting (and chilling) for one who loves both.  The only purpose of words is to reveal the Living Word, Jesus Christ!  This world is full of lies that destroy.  We must spend time quiet before the Word so the Spirit can reveal Truth for us. 

Eventually idols reveal themselves for the deadly poison they are...a wonderful friend shared a great example of this with a poem on their Facebook page.  I searched for its origin and couldn't find a clear source but wanted to offer the page to you:  A Poem About Drugs.  While those of us not addicted can see this truth well, I challenge us to ask the Spirit to show us the 'Drug' that lies to us.  It might be the opinions of others; it may be financial security or prestige.  Usually idols begin with a goal that is not bad.  Then the goal becomes our god and the fire is kindled.  We are all prone to lies and the devil knows our weaknesses.  Let's armor up for the glory of God! 

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