Monday, May 20, 2013

Look at me, Hear me...serious prayer

Solomon's prayer of dedication for the Temple made me really think about the seriousness of asking God into your heart.  Like Solomon, we need to remember God is not contained by the heavens or the earth--let alone our own understanding.  Nevertheless, it shakes me to realize, in effect, I'm asking, "God look at me, listen to me, and act to me according to my ways."

I want to align my heart with learn what His heart looks like, to submit as Jesus did--obedient unto death.  And I rejoice in the presence of the Spirit to guide me and convict me because I am totally incapable and unworthy.  But unbelievable and confounding as it is, He chose me and won't desert me.  wow


  1. There are days when Satan says you aren't good enough for God to love you. But I have faith in God and He knows my heart. I want to prayer more and be serious and know that God is listening and has a plan for me that is bigger than I can ask for. I want to be like the little girl when the church was praying for rain she brought her umbrella. I need to have more faith when I pray. Be prepared for what I'm praying for to be done and not feel that I need to beg God. I want his will to be done in my life but I want to have the faith to be ready what ever His answer is because He knows the plans He has laid for me.

  2. AMEN! Thanks for sharing...THAT just delights my heart. Isn't it exciting we can go into our week with confidence of Who He is and How He loves? Have an awesome day. There's a gospel song flitting in my mind I need to go listen to. Here's some blips of it: 'Take somebody's hand and let them know that they can...Take a kind word into the street and tell it to everyone that you meet..."