Sunday, May 19, 2013

Feeling Faith

It has taken me almost six months to figure out how to weave my blogs into my rearranged life.  My heart for this particular blog had been to keep a focus on building our lives on the Word.  My plan for the year with my Facebook page has been to share a 'snippet' of truth from my morning devotions that pierces or blesses my heart.  That has been a challenge I've enjoyed.  I've decided to bring that snippet to this blog and share it on Facebook.  I pray that it will bless those of you signed up for the blog--and bless some who prefer not to be on Facebook.  If a daily 'blip' will be too much, perhaps you would prefer to receive the emails from the other blog where I will aim for a regular (but not daily) devotional.  I'd love for your comments and interaction; we'll all grow more that way!

So, here we go...

I've been convinced for some time that this move south has been God's curriculum for teaching me the feelings that flow from the faith facts I know.  The conference yesterday showed me a bit of the beauty of allowing the Spirit more freedom.  (How cool is God that He allows us to limit Him?  How foolish are we that we do, but anyway...)  Today I FELT mercy.  Not getting what I deserve is quite the blessing...that God feels my struggle and responds with compassionate understand IS mercy.  Now I want to LEARN to live mercy.

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