Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life-building Opportunity

Every heart has a longing for their life to matter--a longing to believe they are loved. In America--with all the conveniences and pleasures we enjoy--a deep sense of personal value is still elusive. Life is busy and the value of 'one' life often questioned. Do I matter? Can I make a difference? History shows the answer is a resounding, "Yes! One person can make all the difference."

Even greater than history's testimony is God's Word. Each soul is created by God--in the image of God. Practical realities do not change Truth. The childhood song of "Jesus Loves Me" is not diminished by earthly doubt...but it is challenged by the realities faced in many countries. For many people today, life is de-valued in horrific ways. Young women forced into sexual slavery to protect their families' reputations. Children sold into bondage so that they can eat. Extreme poverty and despair that leads mothers to abandon children and prods fathers into deserting families. In such dire circumstances, there is not even time to consider the concept of whether a life matters. Injecting hope into lives is the privilege and responsibility of each Christian.

I would like to introduce you to some artisans who need to hear that their lives matter--for they do! Consider Nadego, a mother of three, living in a tent in Haiti. She works for enough money to feed her baby--and older children. She dreams that one day she will be able to pay for school for her children and maybe rent a home. Or Makilene who lives with her five children in a 5x5 tent and fears having to relinquish two of her children because she is unable to provide for them. Then there is Kaliko, the 'class' clown who works to support his mother and hopes to finish school one day. Precious souls doing the very best they can in very difficult situations. Simply telling them God loves them is a mockery of God's precious love. As individuals we must continue to share the glorious news that God does love--and we do that by acting and by praying. I would like to present you with an opportunity to act...and pray!

Around the world organizations are reaching out to provide opportunities that give hope to individuals in oppressed countries. They are not simply offering a handout--they are providing job training and sustainable business opportunities. I will be sharing the missions of these organizations in coming weeks--and I will be selling some of the items. Buying these handicrafts allows us to speak hope into the lives of another--which brings hope into our own lives. Love is not love until it is shared!

The beads are actually recycled cereal boxes.  Crosses are $6; bracelets average around $7-8 and necklaces start at $18 and go to around $25.  

Small purses, two compartments inside, bead enclosure:  $8.50

On May 12th, I will be having a 'Purpose Party" here at my home--and an online sales party for those who are not nearby. The home party will be an opportunity for you to come and consider the good plans God has for each of us. His love is made complete by our love. Love begins with understanding.

In addition to the May 12th party, I will be sharing more stories on this blog and offering more ways to reach out. Our awareness and prayers matter more than our purchases.

If you cannot make the party but would like to share this with friends, let me know and we could choose another time/location. I would be glad to present the same materials at other Purpose Parties or help you plan your own!

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  1. Another possibility for ordering and supporting life-changing work is here: http://stores.homestead.com/TradesofHopeLLC/StoreFront.bok?affiliate_no=43

    If you put my name in the Special Instructions it will go towards my party. BUT that is less important than your love and prayers for the artisans!