Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fighting Discouragement

We live in a land of ease here in America.  Our faith is easy to take for granted.  Our Jesus is too precious to allow that!  Around the world many suffer--and die--for Christ.  We must come alongside in prayer and words of encouragement.  Voice of the Martyrs regularly shares the life stories of those who suffer for Christ.  There suffering is not in vain when the glory of Christ is seen by others.  We need to see.  We need to encourage.

Take five minutes and spend a dollar to send a note of encouragement to a brother or sister in Christ.  The VOM website helps you create letters in the language of the prisoner.  It will touch your heart to share words of encouragement.  In fact, considering the huge need of one prisoner may open your eyes to a need next door.  We are to grow in love.  Those who demonstrate their love for Jesus by standing for Him the face of persecution are a gift to us...a gift we must receive, value and respond to.  Love someone with words of encouragement today!

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