Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 32

The song Moses taught to the Israelites has great stuff for us too!  As I read of the ways God's Word refreshes, I thought of the response my drooping plants give when watered.  A good soaking of His Word perks up the soul!  The song then reminds of God's perfection...His work and His ways are without error.  Nevertheless, to the shame of every human being, we reject Him.  It seems so ludicrous, the song even explains how it can happen.  The Creator, the Rescuer, the Provider, the Protector is hidden from view by the blessings we receive.  We begin to become self-satisfied and confuse the results as being our own production.

Praise God that He has a passionate zeal for us that uses hardships to reveal our limits.  God uses trials that originate in ourselves--and from enemies--whatever is needed to turn a heart back to Him.  Even in allowing enemies to attack, God protects.  He does not allow the victim to be destroyed because He is concerned that the attacker will overestimate his power.  God does not wish for any to perish.  In the fullness of time, false Gods and personal weaknesses will be revealed...and in that glorious destruction, a heart will see God's glory.  God will explain that the wounds were from Him--much like a surgeon who operates to save a life--God wounds and then God heals. 

A song with such truths is truly 'life'--no idle words in any of that rendition.  May we each sing it with all our hearts.

The chapter closes with Moses receiving instruction from God about his final days.  His work on earth was complete.  Though, God restrained Moses from entering the Promised Land then, we know that Moses was there with Jesus.  God is not unjust or overly critical yet consequences remain.  Moses evidences continued trust in the God he served so faithfully.  What an example!

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