Friday, July 8, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 28

This chapter has great literal prophetic meaning...the bulk of which has been literally fulfilled.  As I have shared before, my understanding of this is limited to what I read.  I could simply parrot the commentary but instead will encourage you to go to Thru the Bible and do that so you receive the full benefit.  I will simply write in the way God has wired me...the personal application aspect.

Obedience to God is of tremendous value to Him, and He will do whatever is necessary to draw us into relationship with Him.  Enjoying the blessings of the promised land were conditional upon obedience to the ways of God.  The spiritual blessings from God affect every aspect of this world and life.  Obeying God's ways impacts our personal relationships, financial security and legacies.  The blessings are not because God is an ego-maniac but simply because His ways are right and good. 

Rebellion against His ways produces a self-centered depravity that is heart-breakingly visible in our world today.  I suspect it has always been visible for there has always been rebellion.  Recently we vacationed near a place where such tragic depravity was evidenced.  A young daddy (under 20) chose to bludgeon his newborn child to death rather than drive a mere 20 miles to a 'safe drop' point.  It is hard to understand, yet the scriptures are clear:  rejecting God will impact our hearts, lives and others in horrific ways.  Only with reverence for God will we obey His ways--and live lives that are blessed and a blessing.  May we have a passion for pursuing God that transforms us and blesses all whose lives we touch.

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