Monday, April 18, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 17

This chapter again reminded me that God sets the rules for this game of life!  I appreciated the commentary reminder that these instructions were particularly timed for the wilderness journey:  immediately following intense idol worship in Egypt and when everyone was in close proximity to the Tabernacle. Also, it intrigued me that the regulations pertained to all animals slaughtered--even those intended for dinner! The transparent living required in the Israelite community is difficult for me to imagine.  However, the spiritual principles hold true even today.  We, too, live in a world with many idols.  We will do well to find ways to remind ourselves to be thankful--for earthly blessings as well as spiritual ones.

The prohibition of blood reminds us of the preciousness of life--and the preciousness of Christ's blood.  God created mankind for fellowship, and only the pure blood of Christ was sufficient to restore us to fellowship after sin entered the world.  All of life is to be enjoyed with reverence toward God and thankfulness for the blessings received.

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