Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 18

The humble heart of Moses and the relationship he had with his father-in-law are both inspiring to me!  Scripture does not indicate when Zipporah had gone back to her father's home with the children; some suggest after the circumcision of their child because she is not mentioned during the plagues in Egypt.  Nevertheless, Jethro travels with her to reunite Moses with his wife and children.  The respect and honor each has for the other--Moses for Jethro and Jethro for Moses--is heartwarming.  I have to wonder what Jethro must have thought back in Midian when Moses first said God had spoke to him through a burning bush.  Whatever he thought initially, he obviously was 'watching' and recognized the One True God.  It reminded me that people watch our lives too.  May we articulate as well as Moses the ways God has worked on our behalf and may they conclude as Jethro did that there is no God like our God!

The mutual respect Moses has for his father-in-law is clear as Jethro tells him 'what you are doing is not good.'  He recognized the overload Moses had assumed and helped Moses delegate wisely.  The humble heart of Moses is so obvious as he does not respond with any defensiveness or justification.  Moses simply accepted Jethro's advice and put the plan into action.  I was re-reading a list of actions seen in 'love' and Moses exemplifies so many:  he seems to have no need to always be right; he is willing to suffer long;  he shows no need to make himself look good; he is courteous; he is respectful.  What an example we have in this 'deliverer'--what a model we have in our great Deliverer!

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