Sunday, February 6, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 37

Frailties and imperfections are just part of the human condition.  God is greater than ALL of our weaknesses, though, and the truth of Romans 8:28,29 is readily applied in this chapter.  Certainly Jacob, Israel, displays a great parenting weakness as he shows preference for Joseph, the eldest son of his beloved Rachel.  As parents we are to help our children see the Father who loves each of us wholly, equally and unconditionally.  Our age, our loves, our weaknesses are all taken into account by the Lord, though, and Jacob's partiality for Joseph did not hinder God's purposes.  Each of the boys displays their fallen humanity as well--and thereby a backdrop for the shining glory of God. 

Joseph shows, at best, poor mouth control as he tells his brothers of all his dreams;  BUT God gave him those dreams knowing Joseph would share all the details with his siblings.  The sins of the brothers also played into setting the stage for rivalry:  Reuben lost his birthright through an illicit sexual relationship with his father's concubine; Simeon and Levi had forfeited their rights in the Shechem fiasco; Judah was next in line for the family headship and the first in line to sell Joseph away. God used the jealousy of the brothers, the rivalry for position, to place Joseph in the exact location where God could use him best and save the very lives of those who betrayed him. 

It simply thrills my soul to consider the greatness of God that is unveiled chapter by chapter!  I hope the journey is blessing each of you as well.  May it give each of us greater courage to trust Him with our failings--and the failings of those we love.

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