Saturday, February 5, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 36

I wondered if I could 'hear' the Lord's intention with the genealogies.  I'm convinced nothing is in the scripture that can not instruct, but I am woefully uneducated.  Praise God for the great minds who have gone before and recorded information--more information than I can absorb.  May this little tidbit bless and encourage you to dig deeper.

The generations of Esau reveal the greatness of humanity--and in doing so, the awesomeness of divinity.  There have been and are great men, great nations, descended from Esau but the eternal plans of God are unveiled in the frail and imperfect heritage of Jacob.  That's great news for this imperfect, sinful, frail lover of Christ!  As we read through scriptures, we will see that Edom is the legacy (the same actually) as Esau.  God's word tells us often that Edom was filled with pride.  God has created mankind with a tremendous capacity; great things can be done in human strength.  But that very greatness becomes a stumbling block:  'The pride of thy heart has deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock.."  We must be sure we dwell only in the depths of Christ; nothing else provides an eternal shelter! 

Another really neat note:  Halley's Bible Handbook indicates that in this line of Esau, we may see Job (v 34) and his 'friends' Eliphaz and Teman (v 10,11).  Isn't that fascinating?!  I love the glimpse of God at work in the midst of humanity.  He consistently reveals Himself and we can trust Him to reach into the hearts and lives of our loved ones who are solidly stuck in the world.  There is much to draw human eyes to earthly beauty and strength, but God will reveal the imperfections to those who seek Him.  We are to live faithfully trusting in Him...He will do the rest.  Rejoice in Jesus today!

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