Thursday, January 6, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 6

Noah.  Isn't he an inspiration for faith and obedience?  I can't remember the first time I learned that up until this time, it had never rained but I love that reminder.  This believer of God 'insanely' built a giant boat on a mountain because God said there would be a flood.  I want to hear and obey like Noah despite what seems to fit all I 'know.'

It's interesting to look at the charts of life lines for this time period too.  According to scripture records, Noah's father, Lamech, was 56 Adam died.  Lamech would have been able to hear the truths of God directly from Adam!  Yet, even that close of a connection to creation--10 generations--was not a guarantee of faith.  We know the days were very evil:  God said 'every thought was evil continually!'  We know, too, that despite God's word being preached, man was resistant to the Spirit of the Lord.

We saw yesterday that Noah's grandpa had walked with God--and was no more.  He died years before Noah was born; so, while God has no 'grandchildren,' we do and our lives have impact after we leave.  We can only imagine the impact that the stories of Enoch's disappearance had on Noah but we know from scripture that he, too, walked with God. Our walks matter. Noah's walk brought his entire family into the ark and gave a future to the human race.

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that because of Noah's reverent obedience, he inherited the righteousness that comes from faith. I want to live like that...obedient to the revealed Word of God even in the face of experience that tells me I am a fool.  A fool for Jesus is a wonderful goal, isn't it?!  Perhaps the rapture will occur in our lifetimes and we'll be 'translated' like Enoch; may our absence impact others as his seems to have impacted Noah!

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