Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Genesis: Chapter 5

Before I write today, I want to be sure you realize how inadequate these little devos are in terms of plumbing the depths of God's Word.  My prayer is that they may inspire you to read His Word directly and let Him speak to you.  And when He does that, share back on the blog.  The riches of the scripture have been delved into by far greater minds and far more educated minds than my own--read McGee and Halley and Wiersbe and Henry and taste how great God truly is!  In the meantime, here are my impressions from Chapter 5.

Marriage and family are life!  God sees parents as one; He notes the children born to us.  Children are a blessing and a heritage.  Perhaps Enoch's very life was changed by parenthood.  Scripture doesn't indicate that Enoch walked with God prior to the birth of his child--but it says He did for the next 300 years!  Parenting was the tool God used to draw me unto Himself--nothing like it to show you how inadequate you are, is there? 

While families are the stuff of life, death is very prevalent in this chapter.  It opens with the phrasing 'the generations of Adam'...and we are reminded that Adam had children in his own (fallen) likeness.  We do, too, but we can introduce them to the heritage available in Jesus!   Praise God we have the New Testament that tells us of the generations of Jesus.  We, ourselves and our children, can be born into His family likeness and though our earthly bodies will experience death (unless we are translated in the rapture like Enoch!), eternal fellowship with God is our inheritance.  "I have no greater joy than to know my children walk with the Lord" is certainly an incentive for me to walk in a way I want them to imitate!

Noah's name was chosen as a symbol of 'comfort in the labor and painful toil caused by the ground God cursed.'  There is painful toil in our earthly lives but the blessings of God create a future hope!  Let's leave our earthly generations a legacy like Enoch and walk day by day with our glorious Lord!

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