Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Mini-Book by me!!

Many of you have been reading the material I write for years, I finally decided to play with CreateSpace, a self-publishing program.  The result is now on-line:  Soul Training in the Barn.

I'm doubtful any of it would be new to most of's just a little book to help folks dig into a life of faith.  Using a love of animals, the study focuses on partnering with the Spirit to 'train our souls.'

A three part study on 'willingness, respect and obedience' with a few pages of helps on spiritual disciplines.  I thought you all would be excited more than anything.  If you'd like to have a Word file, I'd gladly send it to you.  CreateSpace did a nice job, though, and it's a compact, pretty little book with some useful pages.  Thanks for supporting me all these years!

Billie Jo

Soul Training in the Barn

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