Sunday, December 7, 2014

Whose Problem Is It?

"Whose problem is it?"  That one line from a parenting education course remains a powerful tool in my life--even though our children are now grown.  The necessity of discerning problem ownership permeates all of life.  God demands accountability from each of us, for all of us.

We saw it first in the Garden of Eden.  Can you imagine the horrific heartache of that day?  God, who loved walking in His perfect creation with the ones He made to relate to Him, accepted the heart-breaking responsibility of delivering cursed consequences.  Instead of enjoying the fellowship He longed for, He confronted rebellion and delivered consequences.  Delay would have meant eternal destructive havoc.  Yes, He knew that the Promise dwelt in the midst of the Curse, but He also knew the millennia of pain already unfurling.


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