Saturday, December 20, 2014

How is your eyesight?

kind eyes
The natural world offers amazing glimpses of the Creator.  When God spoke the world into being, a part of His very self was represented in everything.  Eyes exercised to see Him bring amazing blessings, even life itself!  God is always present, omnipresent; we need to learn to see Him.  When I received my first pair of eyeglasses, I was amazed at the vibrancy and detail of the world around me.  Tools that correct weaknesses are valuable.  But some vision problems simply require a bit of ‘eye exercise.  Focus, dimensional depth and attentiveness issues diminish with a bit of intentional eye exercise.  Our spiritual eyesight is improved in the same ways:  corrective aids and disciplined exercise.
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And today's piece:  Is Christianity Any Good for the World?

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Perception and reality often are poles apart.  The impact of Christianity on the world is a prime example.  The tendency to perceive Christianity as negative and limiting is rampant.  Increasingly, the world reacts to Christianity as a negative, often trying to silence it.  Yet there is transformational power in Christianity!  In fact, volumes have been written on the realities of life transformed by Christian thought.  As we celebrate how our faith has changed the world, we gain confidence in its power to continue to change the world!

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