Friday, February 14, 2014

Lives Under Construction: Welcoming Hearts-Touching Souls

The world loves Valentine's Day...the professions of love, the boxes of chocolate.  Indeed, love is worthy of celebrating--every day!  But the realities of life and love are much harsher.  Loving hurts; healing those hurts is the work of God.  It is His desire and that desire beats in my own heart.  In writing, I seek to offer a balm for hearts that ache from loving...and from wounds created by a lack of love.

With that passion in mind mind, I wanted to share with you another venue in which I am writing.

It is a bit different from the blog, and I will be tying pieces together from these locations.  Current research indicates reaching internet readers requires interactive pages with a variety of mediums.  The hubpages allow that and have an option for following Hub posts if you desire.    Suggestions for articles are welcome too.

I value your prayers and your feedback as you consider the pages--and their purpose.  We live in a world filled with hurts, and we as Christians have the answer:  Jesus Christ!

Supplemental Links:
Lives Under Construction: Welcoming Hearts-Touching Souls.  Lonely Hearts need to hear of the LOVE!

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