Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Joyful Living!

My take-away this morning:  live all out, inside out with thankful joy in Jesus Christ!  The circumstances--and even the emotions of life--must never rule over us.  It is the Spirit of God and giving glory to Him that best energizes and guides the Christian. 

We Christians are a called out people--and called to a high purpose.  That brings with it accountability.  We are accountable for our own actions and for the actions within the fellowships we choose.  Paul admonishes Christians to be willing to be wrong rather than smear the name of the Church in the eyes of the world.  Being 'right' is lesser than being concerned about the spirit of those around us.  All things are permissible for Christians he says...but not all things are beneficial.  That is the litmus test for the Christian life:  everything we allow in our lives--in our minds--must pass the test of benefit for the Kingdom of God. 

That's a great thought for starting Thanksgiving week!  The root of thankfulness is understanding what Jesus has done for us--and what His actions provide for us.  Let's live all out for Him!  Jesus deserves no less...and we can have no more than a life that finds fullness in Him.

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