Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heart and Mind Lined up!

Consecration and Consistency are my take-aways this morning.  Christians are to be wholly consecrated--every aspect of our lives set apart for the Lord.  We are to be consistent in that consecration--always acting in accord to the Word.  As Paul closed out the letter to the Corinthians, the activity and diversity of the early church leaped out at me.  Many individuals with one accord...and very clear boundaries for the Church resonated through the words.  In fact, Paul closes with 'and anyone who does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be cursed with divine wrath.'  Phew! 

Paul called that Church--of which we are a part--to be steadfast and immoveable.  We need to be sold out to the Lord--the Master; to Jesus--God with us; and to Christ--the One who gave all for us.  Yesterday, I listened to a conference speaker who explained scientists have found that our physical heart has a neural cluster that seeks to find consistency in our emotions and thoughts.  Its sole purpose is to provide a communication channel between the mind and the heart.  Our physical body  desires consistency too!  The natural and the spiritual are tied; we are to allow Christ to transform the natural into the spiritual.  Consistent consecration is the key.

So let's align our thoughts, actions (which includes words) and emotions with the WORD!  That is the key to living transformed lives that bring His transforming power to a hurting world.

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