Friday, November 1, 2013

Fruit of love!

As I read this morning, Christ's plea for fruitful living spoke to me.  At first I was puzzled because all week I've heard that love must not be linked to specific results.  But the parable of the vineyard, account of the withered fruit tree and the second cleansing of the temple clearly revealed expectations to me.  So I asked God, what am I missing?  And my heart was impressed that the love of God includes plans and purposes for us...good plans and purposes.  He does not love us because we do well; we do well because He loves us.  God's love isn't tied to our productivity but if we have none, it is because we are not living in that love. 

The Pharisees clearly felt the tension.  They knew the messages were for them, and they even asked Jesus.  We've all been there.  We know things are just a tad out of line; we are drawn to the right but then the message comes:  'Stop going your own way; I am God, you are not.'  God longs for our lives to bursting with fruit because that is the evidence we are in the midst of His love.  He doesn't want us outside that love in the dangers of the world!  His call of repent is a call of love.

As I consider this, my mind's eye sees one of our GED students from this week.  She has worked so hard...passed every section but not yet reached a high enough cumulative score.  And as we talked about a strategy, a single tear slid from her eye.  "I knew this was the part of the test God wanted me to focus on.  I just didn't want to do it.  I don't like to do Writing.  But I knew He is telling me I have to stop doing things the way I want and listen to Him." 

Pray my sweet friend as you finish up this reading...and ask God to show each of us a place where we are needing to go His way.  All through life, we will find spots of resistance in our heart.  And Jesus will be softly calling, turn from your plans and walk in mine!  May each of our lives be filled with abundant fruit that others might taste and enjoy the sweetness of His love.

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