Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Walk His way!

Ready for some more upside down thinking--that's really right side up :)?!  My reading has me in the midst of Jesus' life.  It is challenging and thought-provoking.  Try these things for a 'snack.'

We serve a God who is "...kind to the unthankful and to the evil."  There's a thought to stop us.  My motivation is not thanks...but I sure do find it challenging to encounter people who are UN-thankful.  Seldom do I ever meet folks I think are evil, but it may be because I don't 'think' enough.

As Jesus healed, the admonition 'don't tell' was fairly common.  Timing surely was part of it, but that echoes Song of Solomon's 'Don't awaken love before its time.'  I wonder perhaps if 'don't tell' was more of 'do live it.'  Sometimes we (or at least I) lean to talking rather than walking out the message.  Perhaps the heart of the message parallels the stop worrying about your life--how you look, what you do--and look at me.  With our eyes rightly focused, the message of our lives will produce the salt and light He desires.

Then there is the Sermon on the Mount.  Bottom-side up thoughts for sure in that one.  The blessing is in the wanting.  Perhaps those are satisfied with this world miss out on the only real satisfaction:  the presence of God, the passion that is Peace. 

Let's go out and shake up this world by living like Jesus describes.  Living 'upside down' in this bottom-side up world is sure to point folks to Him!


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