Friday, September 6, 2013

Are you willing to be an 'Inconsistent Fool'?

Cool contrast in the readings this morning.  Being a Chronological Bible, it places the scripture in order of time.  So, I had passages from Ezekiel and then Jeremiah 37:1-21 followed by Jeremiah 32:1-44.  I tell you that because you may want to check out the awesome message in Jeremiah.  But here's a short tidbit.

God uses different people in different ways.  Ezekiel has a call to give the harsh reality of sin's judgment.  He talks about the great leveler of humanity:  death.  Pride in accomplishments--that were truly blessings of God--causes us to puff up and be cut down.  Hard, necessary stuff in those messages.  But for whatever reason, Jeremiah resonates in my soul...perhaps I'm not ready for the harsh side yet. 

Jeremiah has the call to proclaim the LOVE that will not allow evil to overcome.  He is telling of judgment but he tells 'why'!  Jeremiah's call requires him to live out the message of God.  God instructs him to 'do' in his daily life what God will 'do' in the nation.  For Jeremiah, the hard part is that God is not received well and understood.  Jeremiah faces misunderstanding, judgment, imprisonment and accusations of foolishness and inconsistency.  Any of us who seek to live lives of testimony to God will endure the same. 

The one passage I'll pull out for you follows Jeremiah's proclamation that despite recent military actions, Jerusalem is going down.   He tells that captivity of the nation is imminent...and then, he feels God telling him to act as kinsman redeemer and purchase a family member's property in the land destined for occupation.  I can only imagine that snide comments, the accusations of selfish greed and inconsistent living.  They do not matter.  God told Jeremiah to do that as a symbol of hope.  God's plans for living in the promised land were not being voided by the captivity...God was busy bringing that about and people needed to be reminded. 

SO:  are we ready to forfeit the world's high regard for us to live out what God wants us to do?  It's what we talked about in Bible Study last do we live separate lives without being pompous or discouraged?  We do it be valuing the promises of God in Christ Jesus above all else.  It won't be easy.  It will hurt.  It is worth it!

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