Thursday, August 8, 2013

Steps into the Future

This morning I came to a passage of scripture that always makes me sad--and reminds me to be careful.  Hezekiah enjoyed great blessings from God---was used mightily by Him and personally prospered.  Evidently he began to take delight in the gifts more than the Giver; he took pleasure in the praise of the world.  He showed off what God had entrusted, and a division, an impurity, was uncovered in his heart.  But the thing I find saddest? 

When God called him on it and revealed the future cost, Hezekiah remained self-centered and basically said, 'Oh, well.  Peace remains in my life.'  Our lives are a moment in time WITH eternal implications.  I never want to forget that footprints are leading to the future with every step I take. 

Hezekiah's son Manesseh took the reins of the nation, and we will watch the devastation unfold.  In the meantime, the conquering nations resettled the land with non-believers.  Lions attacked some and even the pagans understood there was a 'god' in this land they needed to pay attention to.  But divided hearts reigned and legacies are cut off when that happens. 

The scripture heartbreakingly portrays it.  "They feared the LORD but served their own gods."  May that never be our testimony!  Our God is a jealous God because He is jealous for us!  He wants the best for us and our other 'gods' will destroy our lives and future lives.  May our lives sing praises only to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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