Thursday, August 15, 2013

Protected that we might protect

The timelessness of Truth continually awes me.  The prophesies of Jeremiah fit my world today--2700 years later.  God asked Jeremiah to reveal the corruption to the people who claimed the name of God but rejected God at the same time. That sort of deception is all around us:  from church goers to gang members, most folks use Christian-ese and ask for prayer when all other routes have failed.   Whenever I begin to feel dismayed and discouraged, I KNOW my eyes have slid from the Truth.  Truth is the lives of others are never to be my focus, and my life is for the LORD to use as He wills.  With that Truth in place, peace, joy and victory shine forth.

God told Jeremiah to be a strong tower of refuge for those who were about to receive the purifying wrath of God.  But He also told Jeremiah to test the people.  The desperate need to be wise and gentle weaves through time.  God calls us, His children, to lives that provide refuge in a world of deception. 

Elisha offers a glimpse of how to live such a life.  In 2 Kings, he offers up a prayer that God will open the eyes of the servant with him.  That  servant had been looking at the enemy and was afraid.  Elisha asked God to let the servant see the angelic powers surrounding them, fighting the battle for them.  God is a blazing fire protecting us when we place ourself in His care.

 I needed that message today, how about you?


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