Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Can't

Often motivational speakers (and parents) ban the words "I can't."  I would submit that our greatest power comes when we reach that point.  Hezekiah faced a battle he knew he couldn't win.  He heard the taunts and felt the shame as the enemy told his people he was a liar about God and totally unable to save them.  The Psalmist uses words that paint a picture of the state those in Hezekiah's position:  "souls bowed to dust and bellies cleaving to ground."  When we reach the end of ourselves, we are ready to receive the aid of God.  And oh, my! that is beautiful.

When we let God expose the things we have submitted to for Him; when we allow our souls to humbly accept our mistakes; when we trust His ability more than our plans; when we love Him more than our viewpoint...AWESOME things begin to happen.  Pride, idols and fear must topple to enjoy the reign of Christ in our lives.  He does not dwell with deceit--and self-deception.  Truly, we are not 'all that and a slice of bread.'  

Eventually all will be exposed so that only the Good remains--and only God is good.  His power has never diminished, will never diminish.  His love always has been, is, and always will be complete and perfect.  This moment in time is passing but while we have it, it is ours to let His glory pour forth.    There is no shame in bowing before our perfect, lovely Creator.  I willing grovel at His feet; seeing His awesomeness inspires and terrifies me in its magnitude:  He is so much more than I can grasp.

When we visited Niagara Falls, my heart just kept thinking how that abundance was like God...that is the image I desire to have in mind in living for Him.  Might He flow like Falls from our lives:

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