Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be an Example

Quiet.  Be still.  That's the message I heard this morning.  Needs and injustices and inconsistencies sometimes make me frantically busy--trying to fix it all.  Yet, all God desires is for me to be like a Rechabite.  The other problems are His; I'm my only problem. 

Never heard of the Rechabites?  I've missed their example every time I've read this passage...or at least it just never penetrated as it did today. 

Centuries earlier one of their forefathers lived a life of humble piety and challenged his descendants to do so as well.  His words were simple, yet deeply transformational.  Abstain from alcohol, dwell in tents and don't accumulate wealth.  The meaning of the name Rechabite also gives some insight:  tender, soft.  So here's what I get:  when my heart is not striving, when it is quiet and tender before the Lord, my life will give glory to God.  I need to not be 'drunk' on whatever my wine may be (serving, learning, fixing).  I need to be moveable...not rooted to a particular doing or location.  Finally, gathering up 'stuff'--whether it be possessions or accolades will never fill the longings of my soul.

I treasure the people in my life who have been the Rechabites.  There are not many in this world but God always has some.  Will you be a Rechabite for the world around you? 

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