Friday, June 7, 2013

Love on Purpose

Morning thoughts...A healthy, balanced life centers on the work of Christ.   When we are solidly rooted in the love that sacrificed for us--to pay the debt we could not pay--we 'become the will of God' as Oswald Chambers says.  Mind-boggling:  we (you, me) ARE the will of God.  His will is that all will be reconciled to Him.  That's the foundation and the mission of a life in Christ.

Side Riesa's counseling course, the instructor pointed out that the verse we typically claim as a 'prayer process' is actually a reconciliation process.  I had never seen that or heard that message preached.  "Where two or three are gathered in my name...." is about living in such a way that the Kingdom of heaven is brought into our lives.  The relationships we have on earth are to have the same purpose as our individual lives:  unity in Christ.  That's a mission that has to be powered by the love of Christ! Soak in His love and let it ooze out into the dark world. 

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  1. I mulled on this a bit today and found time to write a full devo. If you'd like to explore relationships more, this may bless: