Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Unity was my reminder today.  Jesus came that we would understand the Father's love and be a conduit for it.  We (or at least I) tend to think unity means that comfortable feeling of being with folks who think like me.  It's bigger than that, more beautiful that that.  Yet it's not comfortable at all at first--it is dying to yourself that the love of God doesn't get stopped up by self.  Phew!

The deeper part of this is that those who hurt us the most are the ones who teach us what unity really is all about.  Jesus' unity with the Father allows love to pour out onto rebellious, sinful people--with grace and mercy, not anger or resentment.  Our unity with the Father will do the same.  Not without pain, not without tears...but if we can focus on the joy it brings the Father, we'll be happy with end results.

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  1. Thank you for this BillieJo. I am praying that for myself as I am struggling with certain things and people these days. How to love and accept others when they live much differently than I do or than I feel is right. Loving in my heart is definitely not the problem but its accepting them where they are and showing that love when they choose to ignore the realness of their situation that is most difficult. How to love like Jesus without seeming to approve of certain things. I hope that makes sense.