Monday, August 8, 2011

Pure Service

Often serving others is simply a human desire that grows from a need for purpose and significance. While it is a pleasant thing to help others, the results of human effort are only temporary. Worse, using good works as a source of personal significance eventually backfires. One day our ability to help others will cease, and our work be ended. Only work done for Jesus will last; work done to bless others or fulfill us is earth-bound. Our need for significance and purpose must be met by Jesus Christ--and when it is, we will serve others with the pure heart God desires and open a path for the Spirit‘s eternal work in us and others.

Christ told us that His mission on earth was to serve--to minister to the needs of humanity. Our destiny as children of God is to be like Christ. We are to serve others so they, too, will give glory to God. Paul exhorts us to give our lives as living sacrifices--a reasonable response to the gift of life from Christ. Serving others from a heart of thankfulness for the completed work of Christ will bear fruit for others and serve as a solid foundation for our own lives!

Ask the Lord to search your heart each time you serve, to reveal and cleanse any impure motives and grant you new visions of His eternal, glory in your life and others!

For further reading and contemplation:

Joshua 22:5; Matthew 20:28; Hebrews 12:28

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