Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogging Changes

Hey, dear friends.  I do apologize for my absence.  The Writer's Conference last week deeply penetrated my heart and clarified my writing desires for me.  These New Testament passages especially have felt so far beyond the scope of a short blog, and I have felt that I was not doing justice to the chapters.  I feel the need to change my 'through the Bible' plan a bit.

I would like to reduce the blogging to a couple times per week but hope you all will stay with me on the chapter a day plan.  There is a writing style I would like to explore that will fit this pattern better.  It requires not a sharing of facts but a heart-sharing devotional on one specific theme per blog post. 

I will also be including the posts from my other blog on a regular basis and deactivate that blog.  Those entries are currently weekly and focus on an aspect of victorious living.  All in all, it will reduce this blog by about half.  Your inboxes will be able to breathe more, and Lord willing, the material will more deeply touch hearts.  Thank you so much for your faithful reading and encouraging.

Billie Jo

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