Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matthew: Chapter 9

Good Morning...Home from the wedding but out of town most of the days this week.  I'll do my best to keep us moving faithfully forward on here.  Please pray for my children who are stepping up and being responsible as they fly solo much of this week!

Matthew again alternates teaching on discipleship with the miracles.  The demonstration of the miraculous power of God intends to draw people unto Christ.  Forgiveness of sins is immensely powerful; it is the realm of God alone. The physical miracles reveal the potential of eternal power in the earthly realm.   God's purpose was--and is--unchanging:  to redeem and restore this fallen world.  The law and grace work together; they are different, though, and the time for the new 'skin' is now.  The life of Christ living within can not be placed in the legalistic system.  It is too awesome!

There are some exciting things to consider in this chapter:  Jesus sees and acts.  He saw the faith of friends, the evil doubting of the religious, individual crisis and a harvest field needing workers.  With each of Jesus' acts, the masses gave glory to God!    Jesus was not distracted by the misunderstandings and accusations.  He firmly held to the purposes for which He came.

It was encouraging that Jesus acted even on the faith of friends.  Sometimes we--and those we love--are unable to go to Christ on their own.  I noticed, too, that Jesus did not go out seeking needs to meet--the people came to Him or in the case of Peter's mother-in-law were in the path of Christ's life. God's timing is perfect. As we grow in confidence in Him, perhaps we will see more of how He uses our lives as we go about our days.  As we go through life, we can bring others to the Christ who heals!  Mercy focuses on alleviating the misery sin causes...our lives can be vessels of mercy to this hurting world. 

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