Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matthew: Chapter 2

This one chapter of scripture provides details on the fulfillment of four separate prophecies--all of which seemed rather 'irregular.'  Christ, the Messiah, was prophesied to be born in Bethlehem, called out of Egypt, involved with weeping in Rama (far north of Bethlehem) and yet be a Nazarene (or considered of little account).   Looking at just the prophesies, it seems a stretch to find one baby that could meet every criteria...looking in hindsight, we see exactly how God orchestrated the fulfillment of every prophesy.  When we look at our problems from our perspective, they are tangled and seemingly impossible; from God's perspective, the solution is already in place!

Contrasting the seeking of Herod and the Wise Men is also most interesting.  I suspect a sad truth exists in that many still seek Jesus with an agenda of self-protection (or self-promotion).  I suspect, too, that true seekers are sometimes exploited.  I rejoice, though, that God is in control directing and protecting His followers and completing His purposes.  Obedience (by Joseph, Mary and the wise men) to the heavenly warnings are excellent examples for us to follow!

Another sad aspect of Herod's information gathering is seen in the scribes.  The head knowledge of these learned individuals was impressive--and obviously respected by Herod.  Yet their knowledge did not prod them to join the wise men and worship Jesus.  May our searching of the scriptures never be for any purpose except knowing our great God more!

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