Monday, July 4, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 24

It seems to me that God has a desire for marriages to be a place of blessing and security.  Wives were not to be traded around; new husbands were freed from every responsibility except 'cheering' his wife.  Yet Moses clearly says God permits divorce; Jesus explained that God's permissive will accepts the hardness of our hearts.  It is that same permissive will which extends grace and mercy; we all turn to our own preferences at times and need the transforming grace of God.  Despite the recognition of sin and God's blessed mercy, He cautions the nation of Israel (and us) to not increase sin by our willful actions.

Just as the divorce laws were protective of women, God gave harvest instructions that protected the poor among the nation of Israel.  Harvesters were not to strip their fields of every morsel...they were not to be greedy.  This passage always speaks to me about 'time' in our modern world.  Too often our calendars are so stripped of extra space, we can not meet needs--we can not grab opportunities--that come our way.  Our budgets are the same.  In my reading of this, I see a call for margin...leave something to bless others!

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