Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deuteronomy: Chapter 22

Not only are we clearly our brother's keeper, God seems to expect us to care about our brother's possessions and problems as well!  This chapter's laws extend to caring for life in diverse ways:  in the homes we build and in our dominion over nature.  The name (honor) of 'despised' wives is protected by God's Word and His own glory is protected as He demands purity in all ways.  God's instructions bring blessings to every aspect of life.

Despite the fact that society attempted to negate the truth of 'differences in the sexes' for many years, it is a reality.  Today our culture is seeking to define sexuality as a personal determination rather than a God-ordained aspect of our identity.  Yet scripture clearly says He created us male and female; we are to honor His design.  The spiritual aspect of dressing as God designed transcends all cultures and times.  Women are to embrace femininity: its gentleness, nurturing tendencies, love of beauty and intuitive nature.  Men are to embrace masculinity:  the desire to protect, provide and conquer.  Both men and women are to submit their natural design to the commands of God and live His ways!

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