Saturday, May 7, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 8

As I read this, my mind kept comparing the Nazarite vow and Levitical service. The Nazarite vow was 'simple' living; the Levitical role one of service. As I understand it, we have both options because we are a priesthood of believers. I love the lamps...Jesus is the Light of the World. We are to walk in His light.

As we walk in His light--and if we are choosing to serve Him--we will and must allow His Light and His Word to continually work in us and cleanse us. Serving God involves our efforts, Christ's perfect atoning work on the Cross and accountability to one another. The other thought as I read of the presenting of the Levites is that we have been given to Jesus just as the Levites were gifts to Aaron. We have work to do!

The limited duration of service is interesting too. Twenty-five to fifty years old were the years assigned to regular service. Interestingly, the fifty-plus crowd were actually to become servants of the regular workers. According to Strong's the word used for serving after age fifty is a high degree of service. Our seniors should be honored and our 'younger' crowd drawn into service. We are all needed; isn't that wonderful?

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