Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 4

Thirty to Fifty seems to have been the prime of life--and we are to give our best to the Lord!  The first order of business when the pillar of fire (or the cloud) moved was for Aaron to enter the Tabernacle and cover the items of the Holy of Holies.  As I consider that, my heart rejoices that I can trust my great High Priest, Jesus to act when the Spirit is directing change in my life!  Protecting God's glory--doing the job assigned--gave protection to others as well.  The necessity of everyone seems so obvious in this description of working together.  Respect for one another, boundaries in service and submission to leadership all played a part in the work of the Levites.  What a model for our churches...for our workplaces and our homes!  We have been counted by the Lord--no matter our age--may we be faithful, orderly workers all can count on!

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