Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 32

I am so selfishly so excited by the bless I receive from this commitment to write daily!  Before I get to the excitement, we are peeking in on the request of some of the nation of Israel to take up residence on the 'wrong' side of the Jordan.  They make a solid presentation, respond to Moses' concerns and settle several cities for their families and possessions.  This passage has always left an unsettled question in my mind.  It simply did not seem like a great idea to not enter the Promised Land.  Yet, I did not see any lasting problem given in the immediately surrounding scriptures, so I simply assumed I was wrong in my 'doubt.' 

However, the commentary tied this with a passage that gives great insight and speaks to my unsettled mind:  Mark 5.  In verse 1, we are told that Jesus has entered the country of Gadarenes:  the settlement of the descendants of the tribe of Gad.  The economy of the region was pig-farming.  Pigs--detestable to the Jewish people--meant so much to the Gadarenes that they asked the miracle-working Jesus to leave their community!  When we choose our inheritance, we miss the glorious best God has planned for us.  Let us not give up or quit too soon--and as my Pastor always says:  'It is always too soon to quit!"  Press on for the inheritance God has planned!

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