Sunday, May 29, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 28-30

Well, we have returned to the electronic world! 

As I read Chapter 28, I was contemplating the way the world infiltrates our lives.  The sacrificial system was a bit of an antidote to that sort of event.  The daily repetition of offerings coupled with the special sacrificial celebrations would have been an identity builder for the nation of Israel.  At this point in the nation's history, their long-time leader has just voluntarily anointed his successor; it seems that the reiteration of the offerings was a reminder of God's constancy--and the nation's special identity.

The seventh month is the focus of chapter would seem that almost the entire month was dedicated to focusing on the Lord.  The special offerings were in addition to the daily offerings.  Considering the ways in which the world permeates every aspect of our life without our taking notice, I am awed to consider how such an extended time of God-focus must have impacted individuals.  While I recognize the limitations of the sacrificial system, I also recognize how our familiarity with God limits us as well.  He is so worthy of our attention and focus...anytime we contemplate God's glory, it is a joy-filled celebration! 

Chapter 30 spoke to me of God's the home and throughout the universe.  It also spoke to me of the truth that with honor comes responsibility.  Scripture clearly assigns responsibility for the home to the man; our husbands are held accountable even for our vows.  Personally, if I am to be held accountable, I want to have authority; I assume my husband feels the same.  This peek into God's perspective helps me be even more thankful for a husband who loves me and is willing to bear responsibility for me.  A home with honor and order is lovely--and reflects God glory--meeting its intended purpose!

Praying you all have been blessed as you have read these chapters over the past few days.  Every moment we give to God is blessed and beautiful!  May your Memorial celebrations have the sweetness of the One who died that all might be free.

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