Saturday, May 14, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 15

Blogger seems to be having some issues this week; I see it sent a batch last night (they've been done each day) and my daughter's blog seems to have fallen into a black hole.  Ah, well, free services.  Onto today's chapter:

My first impression with this chapter was God's grace.  Immediately following the faithless presumption of the Israelites, God reiterates his promise to give the promised land to them.  "After you enter the land" and "when you enter...and eat..", do this!  Isn't that wonderful?  God's plans to bless were delayed--but not destroyed!

And His grace is further seen in the offerings for unintentional sins...not knowing is not purity.  We can not excuse our sins with "I didn't realize."  God will extend forgiveness but individual responsibility remains--as will consequences.  Yet God is not a pushover...presumptuous, defiant, willful sin does not have an offering.  Free grace is not taught; guilt remains for those who choose to go their own way.  My heart is pulled up short as I consider that--for myself and for others.  Repentance is critical; it is the only way to restore our relationship with God.  Sin is serious to God; it was worth the death of His son.  What do we need to add to our daily 'clothing' to remind us to live wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ?

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