Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 12

Yesterday we saw the weight of community-wide, the cost of close-connection criticism. Moses' sister took the lead to complain about Moses; his choice of a wife (probably a second wife and not Zipporah) was the lighting rod she focused her ire upon.  Perhaps she was jealous of God's spreading His Spirit upon the elders...perhaps something else was the bitter root which sprouted.  Regardless, she initiated criticism of Moses and big brother Aaron joined in. 

One of the names of Satan relates to slander--it is Satan's work to tear down another and God takes it seriously.  He called Aaron and Miriam to account, settled the matter and meted out the consequences.  The commentary explained that the grammar of the passage indicates Miriam was the initiator and Aaron the follower thus the consequence falling squarely on her. 

Moses' humility again shines as a brilliant example for us to follow:  disparaged by Miriam, he immediately pleads with God for her healing.  Might we demonstrate the same mercy for our detractors.  It is also worth noting that the entire community was inconvenienced by Miriam's sin and punishment.  Again and again we see how inter-connected we are!  We need to be deliberate about building one another up, and we will do well to remember that love assumes no wrong.  Let us bind negativity and release the grace and mercy of Christ!

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