Monday, May 9, 2011

Numbers: Chapter 10

There is much richness in this chapter but most of the insights are from the commentary--far beyond my mind!  Here are some tidbits that I found interesting:  the Ark led the way in the desert (just like Jesus is to lead the way in our wandering through this land!)  Before the entire camp was en route, the trumpets would blow seven times--and in Revelation, during Tribulation, the trumpets will blow to return the Israelites back to their land. 

I loved that the Israelites needed to both watch and keep their eyes on the Shekinah glory cloud/fire and to listen for the trumpets.  Not only did they listen to the trumpets, they had to discern what message was being conveyed.  We are to watch and listen for the Lord's leading as well.  And when the Israelites were about to engage in war, they were to sound the trumpets; it seems to me, we must call out to God and share our needs with others.

Finally, a rather interesting difference of opinion in the two commentaries I use...both are well-respected Christian leaders.  One feels that Moses erred by encouraging his in laws to go along with them and give advice; another says we can trust God to lead while utilizing the knowledge of those around us.    The second approach fits my personality--I always want to invite any and all to come along and enjoy the blessings of God!  But the warnings of the first are wise as well; we must never let others interfere with keeping our eyes and ears tuned to our Leader.  Have a blessed evening!

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