Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 22

We have looked at the call for the people and the servants of God to be holy; now we are admonished to be sure our sacrifices are holy--and treated as such.   The priests, the servants of God, were instructed to treat the sacrifices of the people with holiness because God said the sacrifices are holy.  As God's servants today, I believe we must be careful not to treat the offerings of others with criticism or contempt.  We are to build up the body and not condemn it.  While we must speak and live our convictions, the reality of serving on holy ground must never be lost. 

And as worshippers of the living God, we must take great care to offer our best to Him--as well as our 'worst.'  God is not to get the leftovers.  David tells us in Psalm 51 that the sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite heart. God takes our broken-ness and heals us; He is a merciful, loving God.   A thankful heart will be a generous heart, though.  The instructions in this chapter remind us to bring beautiful offerings as well.  May we truly rejoice in all that we have received from our Creator, Redeemer and Lord and offer Him unblemished thank offerings! 

May you all have a blessed Resurrection Sunday--I'll 'see' you on Monday!

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