Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 20

God loves families--no doubt that is why Satan hates them.  Throughout this chapter, I hear God giving protective instructions to guard families.  The idea of a parent sacrificing a child to Molech is reprehensible.  Yet the sad reality is that parents of today regularly 'sacrifice' children to the Gods of this age:  recreation, secular humanism, pleasure and wealth.  Sexual molestation of children--sometimes birth children but often step-children--is heartbreakingly common today as well.  Homes broken--marriages killed--by adultery and divorce now outnumber families founded on monogamy.  God instructs His children that He can bless His children.  It is God's desire that we possess the land of plenty He has provided.  Let us rejoice in our precious position as His possession and heed His instructions!

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