Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leviticus: Chapter 2

Do you see the 'Bread of Life' in this offering?  Flour, oil and salt with no honey or leaven.  The requirement of fine flour bears attention:  in a day of mortar and pestle, fine flour was an investment of time and effort.  The oil reminds us of the Holy Spirit; salt is a preservative and flavor enhancement.  This offering was, like the burnt offering, to be a sweet smelling savor to the Lord but the sweetness was divine. 

Earthly 'enhancements' like yeast and honey would spoil the offering.  In our sacrificial service to the Lord, human sweetness and 'puffing up' will not produce glorious eternal purposes; only the sweetness and fruit of the Lord will produce a harvest for Him.  May our lives reflect the sweetness of our Savior as we allow the Spirit free reign in our lives.

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