Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Error Correction!

I deeply apologize for my carelessness yesterday.  I relied on my mind rather than the scriptures open before me as I typed last evening.  The festival that does not specify 'do no work' is not the Unleavened Bread as I indicated.  Following is the corrected paragraph:

The festival which does not say 'no work' is the Firstfruits. Jesus Christ is the Firstfruits but the harvest is the church. We were not saved because of our works; we are not cleansed by works but we were saved to live for Him. The life of Christ is to be lived out in our daily walk. This particular festival was not celebrated in the desert wandering time. In fact, it required a field where there would be sowing and harvesting. Interestingly, when the grain was sown, the Israelites checked daily to find and gather a sheaf of grain heads. May we all be so diligent to watch the fields and gather new lives for Jesus!

Blessings to you today and again, I am sorry for the error!  bj

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