Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exodus: Chapter 10

Here are my impressions from today's chapter--what are yours?

Every thing that happens fits into God's purpose of helping each of us know Him more! 

God does not make idle threats; what He forewarns as a consequence is a reality without a heart change. 

The hardening of a heart by God is a bringing forth  of that heart's essence.  Under pressure Job's heart was found to be golden; Pharaoh's was found to be wholly ungodly.

The locusts devoured even what God had, in His mercy, left after the previous plagues.  Consequences become increasingly tough.  My heart rejoices with thankfulness for the truth of Joel 2:25:  God's children can count on Him to restore the years the locust has eaten when our hearts are submitted to Him.

God's call is for whole-hearted worship--and the world continually presents compromises just like Pharaoh. We must not cave in--not by leaving our children 'in the world' or our possessions.  All we have and are is for the glory of God. 

Darkness that is complete is completely binding.  I wonder: 
  • could the Egyptians see that there was light in Goshen?  Do those lost in darkness around me see His Light? 
  • did the Israelites notice the darkness of the Egyptians?  Do I recognize those trapped in the dark around me?
Finally, there is a point of no return.  That chills my heart and reminds me of a saying I've shared before:  only one life and will soon be past.  Only what is done for Jesus will last.

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